‘This Girl Can’, can you?

Sweat. Wobble. Compete. LOVE.

Have you seen it?

If you haven’t, I’m talking about Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ national campaign which has been funded by the National Lottery and celebrates women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds taking part in their favourite sports and not giving a damn!

It’s had a huge push on social media, been promoted through Governing Bodies and has been advertised on TV, the radio and across bill boards up and down the country.

I do genuinely believe that sport can play an important role in everyones lives. But there are so many factors that stop women in particular from even just participating. The fear of being judged, not being good enough, time commitments and accessibility to name just a few and I can relate to this.

I am by no means the best by far at playing any sport. I’m not the fittest, fastest or strongest and I am not elite in the slightest. But I do really LOVE sport and working out and everything that comes along with it!

There are plenty of opportunities out there for women to participate. Whether it is a new gym class or a sport that you loved playing years ago and wanted to give another go, there are now even more coaches and clubs behind the campaign that fully support your every move.

You just have to take that initial step forwards. Take a friend, a family member or do it alone but embrace everything!

I am fully behind the campaign because I think it has a really strong and relevant concept. Governing Bodies have designed specific programmes to encourage more women to participate including the LTA who launched ‘Tennis Tuesdays’ and ‘She Rallies’ and England Netball with ‘Back to Netball’.

Taking part in sport isn’t just the only issue. I am on a mission to encourage more women that want to pursue a career in the industry. There are so many opportunities out there as it is a forever growing product. You don’t have to be the best in performance but just passionate and there to to make a difference.

‘This Girl Can’ and so can you!



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