Standing tall has nothing to do with height

It’s pretty bloody hard being 5 ft 1 and looking young, working in the male dominated sports world and trying to make a name for myself.

Yes I get told, ‘oh but when you’re in your 40’s you will love it, people will think you look younger’ but no, I won’t.

Right now I hate looking young and not being taken seriously.

Last year when I was travelling to America alone (at the age of 26), I was asked where my guardian was to chaperone me. No joke.

And this is what I find most of the time! I’m currently busting my behind trying to run and expand a successful tennis club which consists of all male coaches and 250+ members, operate an online business and grow within my career.

I am also heading up a tennis team that are competing internationally in Israel this Summer and every single one of my 12 players, male and female, are twice the size of me – and look older!

It’s hard when people don’t take you seriously and judge you straight away. It eats you up, tampers with your confidence and even makes you start doubting yourself. However, I have found within my experience, all you can do is continue to keep your head down and work hard because at some point you will fly past these people that make the comments.

Once you have, you will find that they then start listening and respecting you for what you’ve achieved. No questions asked and no justifications given.

So how do I try to overcome this situation on a day to day basis?

  1. Keep my head down and power on
  2. Show them who is boss (in a tactful way)
  3. Make a difference
  4. Make myself known and heard
  5. Not let the outside world or negative comments affect me

There are always up and downs but the journey continues and the goal list keeps growing, only except in height.


Where’s Sophie?


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